Is life a journey, or a series of destinations?

Milan 1984

Many tourists to Europe take advantage of the Eurail pass – a single price ticket that provides access to the vast rail network that links over thirty countries. While daunting for the folks for whom the destination matters more than the journey, Eurail is the destination and the journey all wrapped up in an exciting package – you can actually go to a train station in the morning and throw a die to see where you will go next. Of course once you arrive, the European train stations all have lots of information about places to stay while you plan your next day.

The roots of Direction5 are planted in the feeling of passage, and enjoying that passage. We all make choices every day. Each choice leads to a different adventure – some good, some bad, but all experiences that build who you are and what matters. We are the sum of our choices, but really we are much more than that. We are the feelings we get as a result of our choices. We are the stories we tell. We can be safe and stay in Holiday Inns, or we can be bold and find new inspirations for new stories. Stories that might fire someone else’s dreams and desires.

Science fiction of the 1950’s and 1960’s was far more optimistic than the SCI-FI of today. The future was still a myriad of possibilities. As we have made choices, the future looks pre-decided, but in a book by English writer James Blish, a character comments “We don’t need a newer, still finer measurement of electron resonance one-tenth so badly as we need new pathways, new categories of knowledge…You need marginal contributors, scientists of good reputation generally whose obsessions don’t strike fire with other members of their profession.” There are still many avenues to explore. And yes, traditional directions will lead to solid opportunities, but if you like the journeys as much as the destinations, perhaps you should find your own direction. Or, talk to us!

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