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My favourite part of the service


It's always a pleasure to introduce a newly married couple. 

Ready to choose a date?


Let me know when you'd like to get married, and I'll be at your service.

Your Wedding, Your Way


On a beach, at home, or wherever you wish to have your ceremony, I'd be happy to be part of your special day. I'll be your Wedding Officiant in Ottawa

Let's Get Together!


The best way to get started is over coffee. Pick a cafe near you, and we can spend a little time getting to know each other.  Here's my calendar link to make finding time easy.


About Humanism

Humanism is a philosophy or life-stance based upon a profound respect for human dignity and the conviction that human beings are ultimately accountable to themselves and to society for their actions. It is a deity-free worldview that affirms our ability to lead ethical and meaningful lives without reliance upon a belief in the supernatural. Humanists are guided by reason and scientific inquiry, inspired by music and art, and motivated by ethics, compassion and fairness.

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